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The greek legislation clearly defines the obligations of the state as regards stray animals.

This responsibility has been handed over to the Municipalities, however without making sure that the latter have the means necessary to fulfil their obligations. 

The vast majority of them have no shelter and are not in the least equipped  to respond to emergencies, as in the case of an injured, frightened animal that needs to be trapped in order to receive immediate medical care, nor to provide food and veterinary care to stray animals. As a result, the Greek law is practically impossible to be observed.

At the same time the greek legislation recognises the role of the animal welfare associations and allows citizens to feed and take care of stray animals.

Given the fact that the legal framework is not binding, in order to address the issue and while the problem still aggravates, we believe it is impossible to address it without the help and support of volunteers. Our team, in cooperation with the Municipal Authorities takes active part in the care of stray animals through programmes of feeding, sterilisation and medical care, while at the same time organises and takes part in actions that inform the public and raise awareness of animals’ rights.