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What is this magical influence that a cat exerts on our life?

In what mysterious way does she make us admire her and with her presence fill our life with joy?

There is no other animal that has been worshiped and given rise to myths and legends, inspired artists and created so much mystery around their presence, to the point of giving rise to prejudice and even fear.

Either you dream of sharing your life with a loving adult cat, you want to adopt a playful kitten or even wish to give a chance to a physically impaired cat, to live a happy and safe life with your family, we will be here assisting you every step of the way, before and after the adoption.

Whatever our motive is for adopting a cat, we need to keep in mind that the adoption of an animal should be a well thought decision, as it brings along serious responsibilities but also a lot of joy. 

Οur animals are given for adoption abiding by law and by all legal procedures (sterilisation, microchipping, signing of adoption contract) because we, more than anyone, want to make sure that your cat will live a life of love, safe as a member of your family for the rest of her life.