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Who we are

We are a team of volunteers who daily take care of stray cats in various locations in the city of Athens, providing them with appropriate food, fresh water and monitoring them daily, to ensure that they have everything they need and that the area where they live is as safe as possible.

With the help of our veterinarians, we provide medical care to the sick animals.

Through Trap – Neuter – Return programs we sterilize all cats that are in reproductive age, as this helps in improving their quality of life, preventing cats from mating, avoiding male fights and the painful mating procedure for the females, resulting in less kittens born on the streets, the majority of which, having been exposed to the dangers of a stray life, will not surpass two months of age.

Our purpose is to improve their living conditions and find loving homes through adoptions for as many stray cats as possible, as we advocate the right of all living beings to have access to food and shelter and to live happily in a safe environment.

We envision and dream of a society in which the life of all living beings  is valued, in the streets of which no stray animal is to be found.